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Beschützer von Mytho

Protector of Mytho

12 February
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Name: Fakir
Age: 16/17-ish
World: princess Tutu
Power: The ability to "sometimes" bring stories to life.
Forgotten Words: "Fairy Tale", "Shard"
Death Toll: 1/5
Fakir was born in a place called Kinkan Town in Germany, within the world of Princess Tutu. He was a naturally bright and optimistic child who loved to write stories, though his parents found that, on occasion, parts of the stories he wrote would come true. He was always very passionate about protecting those around him, so when ravens attacked their town, Fakir wrote a story in which he fought off the ravens and saved the day. This caused the ravens to attack him, but the story had a slightly different outcome. His parents stood in the way, and Fakir could only watch as they were killed. He has not written since, and has blocked all memory of this power from his mind.

After that, he went to live with a family friend, Charon. Charon told him the story The Prince and The Raven and remarked that the scar across Fakir's chest resembled the scar of the knight from the story, and Fakir took great pride in this. However, very quickly the story became all too real, as they found the Prince without a heart collapsed outside. Fakir and Charon took him in, and Fakir promptly dubbed him "Mytho" and began to spend every minute taking care of him, as his knight. But as the story became more and more real, Fakir realized the horrible truth of his role, that he was the knight reborn, the knight destined to die fighting for his prince, and to be killed without having done anything useful for the Prince, a worthless knight.

Fakir is very determined to protect those who are important to him, and he is extremely loyal to the people he cares about. He's devoted most of his life to looking after his emotionless best friend, Mytho. However, Fakir can be very controlling, even if he's decreed it "for the best". So of course, situations where he has no idea what's going on and where all control is taken from him are highly nerve-wracking, as he has very little control over his life anyway. Damn crazy dead authors. Also, Fakir is very scared to die, no matter what he says about giving his life for Mytho. He has terrible nightmares about it and really fears it a great deal.
Mytho: His most important person. See History/Personality for more.

Ahiru: Ahiru once existed in the mansion, ahead of Fakir's time. He re-learned all of her secrets, that she is Princess Tutu, that she's really a duck, etc. However, she disappeared, leaving Fakir at a loss. He's at sort of an in-between stage with her. He knows more about her, but he still thinks she a bit of an idiot, and still gets easily frustrated with her. Ahiru showed up in the mansion again recently, with no memory of what happened before, because she was from an earlier time, his own. So far he hasn't made any mention of what he knows about her. It should be noted that this ha happened twice now.

Arland: Arland and Fakir are rivals, in a sense. they bicker and argue and fight and both are extremely competitive (and much to Fakir's annoyance, he usually loses). Arland calls Fakir "Faker", which really pisses him off, though he hasn't really found the need to call him names in return. This aside, they don't seem to be completely and total enemies, and they do get along to an extent, but if you ever asked Fakir he'd say "I hate that guy." You could probably call them friends.

Palette: Fakir does not like Palette. At all. Arland flooded her room and Arland broke her teapot, but all of it got blamed on him! So of course, when Palette screamed at him to fix her tea pot, he refused. This led to quite the ass-kicking, and in the end Fakir would up in a dress having tea with Palette and Arland - who was also in a dress. He's still very angry about it.

Mirror Fakir: Few characters on the real side have CR with their own mirror, but Fakir's has taken the liberty of writing him some terrifying stories. Because of Mirror Fakir, Fakir remembers a past that he had pushed to the back of his mind. He still refuses to write, mostly because he is not confident in his ability to control the stories he writes. It frustrates him that his own mirror causes so much trouble and that he can't do anything to stop him.

Coraline: They didn't get off to a very good start. They had a good little argument and then the next time Fakir saw her, it was after he heard she had been killed. His own mirror had done it, unfortunately, so now Coraline is wary of him. Fakir does care about her a bit though, and worries for her safety, since he knows his mirror was to blame for her murder.

Rue: Fakir was doing just fine until she showed up and started questioning how he cares for Mytho and generally just getting in the way. They rarely out-right fight, but instead they toss passive-aggressive insults back and forth between each other.
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